Module Code: XGBSHN3023

Module Title: Introduction to Effective Caring

Topic: Importance of safeguarding and person-centred care when working with vulnerable adults

A maximum of 10 PowerPoints (Each slide should have a minimum word count of 150 words – 550 words)

SLIDE 1 title Choose a title for your work (e.g. Importance of safeguarding and person-centred care when working with vulnerable adults)

  • Include all the names of the members of the group and their student’s ID numbers.
  • Create an introduction about your presentation
  • Each slide that is created by a member of the group be sure to include their ID number in the corner of the slide
  • Include an image on safeguarding and person-centred care.
  • Include speak notes for each slide
  • Include intext citation(s) for each slide

SLIDE 2 Title: Safeguarding

  • Define safeguarding
  • Explain the importance of safeguarding when working with vulnerable clients
  • Include an image on safeguarding of vulnerable adults.

SLIDE 3 Title: Principles of safeguarding

  • Explain six principles of safeguarding
  • Include an image on six principles of safeguarding

SLIDE 4 Title: Person-centred care

  • Define person-centred care
  • Give two examples of person-centred care
  • Identify person centred core values (6 c’s)
  • Explain the importance of person-centred care when working with vulnerable clients

Slide 5 Title: Importance of Effective communication

  • List a range of effective communication in health and social care
  • Provide an example of how effective communication can produce effective caring for service users
  • Explain two different types of communication with examples in relation to how effective communication can improve care

SLIDE 6 Title: Safeguarding policy, legislation and procedure

  • What is the difference between Policy, Legislation and Procedure
  • Give an example of a legislation in health and social care

SLIDE 7 Title: Whistleblowing and Confidentiality

  • Define whistleblowing
  • Describe the steps of reporting a safeguarding incident
  • Explain the boundaries of confidentiality in relation to safeguarding and protecting welfare of individuals
  • Discuss how confidentiality can be breached

SLIDE 8 Title: Summarise the case of an adult case study

  • You must choose one adult case scenario– Clinton House (Cornwall), Winterbourne view Hospital, Angela Wrightson, Steven Hoskins, Gemma Hayter
  • Identify the legislation that was breached has there been any new developments in legislations or current law after these incidents
  • Identify what type of abuse did the victim(s) face?

SLIDE 9 Title: Conclusion

  • Formulate a summary of key points identified throughout the presentation
  • A summary of each team members contribution

SLIDE 10 and SLIDE 11 References


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