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      303, 2021

      What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation ?

      March 3rd, 2021|Blogs|

      Thesis Vs Dissertation: Thesis and dissertation are two such terms which are very much familiar with the graduate students. Although these two terms are different but a vast majority of people use these terms interchangeably. The definitions provided in the dictionary for these two terms do

      203, 2021

      Modern communication tools: How it helps to grow personal & professional communication !

      March 2nd, 2021|Blogs|

      Modern Communication: An Introduction Communication is the process of sharing our ideas, thoughts, opinions, understanding and facts. It can be simply referred to as transmission of information from one individual to other or to group of people or it could be among several groups of individuals.

      2202, 2021

      Personal Letter Format: What is proper letter format !

      February 22nd, 2021|Blogs|

      Today, the world has been digitalised to the extent that people can send messages across countries within seconds. In fact, you can also video call your friends settled abroad anytime you want. Hence, undoubtedly the world has now become a global village. One must wonder that

      2002, 2021

      How to Write a Precis : Get Precis writing help!

      February 20th, 2021|Blogs|

      Introduction Colleges and universities promote the students' overall growth by instilling in them the skills required for the job market and the ones needed for living a smooth life. After conducting lectures for 3-4 hours every day, they assign 2-3 assignments, which are written according to

      1902, 2021

      How PEST Analysis is Useful in Business Decision-Making Process

      February 19th, 2021|Blogs|

      Using PEST Analysis in Business Decision-Making Process Businesses indeed require an endless amount of planning and strategies. There are millions of self-help books, podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram and Facebook pages posting business-related content every day. Businesses' success and failure are very uncertain as it highly depends

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