PAS3700H Assignment

Develop a question based on your interests and discipline that addresses either an ethical issue (e.g, use of personfirst language), an intervention issue (e.g., harm reduction vs abstinence approaches) or methodological debate (e.g., measuring cannabis in roadside tests) in Addiction Studies. Questions can be related to other work such as your thesis or practicum. Questions must be approved by course director by November 5th. The paper has a 10-page limit (12 pt. font, double spaced, standard margins). References should be included appropriately, and primary, peer-reviewed literature should be used where available. This assignment is eligible for submission for the Kalant Award for CoPAS students in January.

Examples of some topics can be on any of this priority areas below:

NB: Please mate you are free to come up with topics which you feel can be relevant to the outlines above. Not identical papers which have been submitted by other students anywhere

  • Impact of legalization of cannabis for non-medical purposes on medical cannabis use, including on attitudes toward medical cannabis use and on the medical cannabis industry
  • Climate Change and the Impact on older adults mental health: A Primer for Providers and Advocates.
  • Legal age for serving alcohol is 18yrs and 19yrs for drinking in Ontario. A dilemma or predisposing distal harm factors associated with young person to engaging in substance abuse?
  • Cannabis use by Indigenous people and in Indigenous communities: Understanding root causes and social determinants of systemic health inequities in ways that can inform upstream and long-term solutions.


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